WB Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024।মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2024 PDF

Hello Everyone, Here is your Wb Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024 download as per the Madhyamik 2024 new syllabus. Here are English suggestion 2024 pdf free download links. Wbbse 10th English suggestion as per New syllabus and question pattern.

WB Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024:

তোমরা সকলেই জানো তোমাদের পরীক্ষার সিলেবাস কিছুটা কমানো হয়েছে। তাই নীচে বিস্তারিত যে যে আধ্যায় ২০২৪ Madhyamik English New syllabus  থেকে প্রশ্ন আসবে তোমরা দেখে নিতে পারো।

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE)English Exam 2024:

Examination NameWb Madhyamik Exam 2024
TopicMadhyamik Suggestion
Exam Date3rd February 2024 (Tentative Date)
Tentatively Suggestion Common80%

Madhyamik English Syllabus 2024:

Lesson 1: Father’s Help
Lesson 2: Fable
Lesson 3: The Passing Away of Bapu
Lesson 4: My Own True Family
Lesson 5:  Our Runaway Kite
Writing Skill

মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2024:

SEEN: Father’s Help

Part- 01

Marks: 01

01) Swami thought a moment ago it was-

(a) Sunday  (b) Friday  (c) Saturday  (d) Tuesday

02) The headmaster is afraid of-

(a) Samuel  (b) Swami’s father  (c) Students  (d) Math

03) Father advised Swami to loaf about less on-

(a) Sunday  (b) Friday  (c) Saturday  (d) Tuesday

04) Swami knew his father could be-

(a) Normal  (b) Intimidated  (c) Genial  (d) Strict

05) Swami ought to have been in the school prayer hall at-

(a) 9.30 am  (b) 9.30 pm  (c) 8.30 am (d) 8.30 pm



Marks: 02


1) Swami was reluctant to go to school.

2) Swami could not be late to the headmaster’s room.

3) Samuel is afraid of the headmaster.

4) Swami must be in school at 9:00 am.

5) Swami said he was suffering from headache.



Marks: 02

01) What did Swami’s mother suggest?

02) Why did Swami change his tactics?

03) How was Swami’s father?

04)Who ought to have been in rayer hall?

05) What did Swami realize lying in bed?


Part- 02

Marks: 01

01) The letter was sent to-

(a) Samuel (b) Swami’s father (c) Peon (d) Headmaster

02) Personally Swami was a-

(a) Good man (b) Tall man (c) Handsome man (d) Bad man

03) Samual had a-

(a) Dark face (b) Fair face (c) Dull face (d) White face

04) The colour of Samuel’s coat was-

(a) black (b) white (c) brown (d) yellow

05) Swami had special-

(a) Hatred (b) To Swami love (c) Affection (d) Regard




Marks: 01

1)“All________ things and weather… together” –

(a) kind of (b) sorts of (c) sort of (d.) kinds of

2) What is wisely put–

(a)talents (b)money  (c)forest  (d)nut

3) It is not disgrace to the squirrel to–

(a)occupy his own place  (b)make preety track  (c)to be called as bun  (d)be insulted by the mountain

4) the word “disgrace” means–

(a)honour (b)irratate (c)cheerful (d)insult

5) A squirrel track is made by—

(a)Nature  (b)Mountain  (c)Squirrel itself  (d)supervisions



Marks: 02


1) The mountain called the squirrel “Little Bun”.

2) The squirrel can crack a nut.

3) The squirrel is sprier than the mountain.

4) The mountain can carry Forests on its back.

5) The mountain can carry Forests on its back.



Marks: 02

1) what the Bun Repiled?

2) what does not squirrel deny?

3) What is not a disgrace to the squirrel?

4) Who had a quarrel with the squirrel?

5) what does the squireel think about size of mountain?

6) Who is Bun there?

7) Who was addressed as ” Little Prig”? or, What did the mountain call the squirrel?

8) who had a qurrel with whom? or, Between whom did the quarrel take place?

9) what is Fable?

10) “And not half so spry” — Who is not half so spry?



The Passing Away of Bapu

Marks: 01

1) The narrotor was having—

a) tea

b) cold

c) coffe

d) rice


2) people could not spealk in the beginning as they were—

a) weak

b) stunned

c) worried

d) stunned


3) The word ” clamoured” means—

a) glammer

b) calmed

c) demanded loudly

d) loudly

4) The experience of walking in Gandhiji’s funeral procession was

a) agonising

c) worrying

b) Satisfying

d) Exciting


5) Thousands silently watched the

a) procession

b) Crowd

c) The Frock

d) Bapu’s body


Marks: 02

1) When was Gandhiji shot?

2)What was the narrator doing when she was informed that Gandhiji was shot?

3) How did the narrator get into the car?

4)  Gandhiji had been shot on his_______________.

10) How did the train reach Allahabad?

11) How Bapu would live?

12) Why did not people weep anymore?

13) The time stood______________________.

14) Where did Gandhiji breath his last?

15) Why and how did people Jostle?

16) The people Jostled one another ________________.

17) How the compartment was decorated?




1)  The narrator’s values were so strong.

2) Excited people gathered the platform.

3)It was not possible to move in thick crowd.

4) it was an excitable walk.

5) Flowers decorated the compartment.

6) Back in Delhi the narrator felt at river.



My Own True Family

Marks: 01

1) The poet crept in a–

a) wood

b)oak wood

c) segun wood

d) None of the above


2) As the woman began to cakle the poet began to—

a) snif

b) snore

c) shout

d) quake


3) She was dressed in—

a) white sari

b) dirty dress

c)evening dress

d) ragged clothes


4)  From thew oak-wood to poet want back to—

a) human world

b) animated world

c) animal world

d) comapny of ild creature


5) The poet’s heart was transformed info—

a) a hero

b) a serious

c) a tree

d) a deer


6) He was tied to a —

a) stake

b) stock

c) stick

d) timber


7) The poet was alterd by —

a) his conscience

b) dream beneath the tree

c) self learning

d) education


8) The world knobbly means—

a) unclear

b) very weak

c) knock

d) unsteady



Marks: 02

  1. The poet was tied to an oak-tree.
  2. If the poet fails to keep his promise them the oak-tree will kill him.
  3. The old woman was standing steadily.
  4. The poet walked like a tree.


Marks: 02

1)  When was the poet altered?

2) What is the meaning of the expression “you were born but never grew”?

3) What was the old woman?

4) What did the Poet have to promise?

5) Where did the poet go?

6) Why did the poet begin to quake?

7) ” I came twice awake?”—when did the poet come twice awake.

8)What would happen if he fails to keep his promise?

9) What did the poet feel when he came out oak wood?


Our Runaway Kite

Marks: 01

1) When they asked the father about their relative father looked—

a) Sad

b) sorrowful

c) happy

d) irritated


2) They Live on–

a) The big full moon island

b) Forest

c) the big Half Moon

d) Desert


3) When they returned to the island people—

a) praised

b) suggested

c) gifted

d) pitied


4) To have relatives means to be—

a) tensed

b) worried

c) gay

d) Jolly


5) Their kite had sailed away over to the–

a) Island

b) Dearland

c) mainland

d) Land


6) They had a kite covered with—

a) ugly red paper

b) green paper

c) Lovely white paper

d) Lovely red paper


7) It is always lovely on the Big Half Moon in—


b) Spring

c) Winter

d) Autumn


8) The kite flew up like a—-

a) Stir

b) Bird

c) Seagull

d) Strong Wind


9) Aunt Esther’s mother was—


b) Best

c) Dull



10) Father Left home after quarrelling with his–

a) Mother

b) brother

c) Sister

d) Son


11) Father received a letter after—-

a) a year

b) a week

c) a month

d) a day


12) Their Kite had  sailed to ___________. (Mainland)

13) Thet ___________(Crazy,Kites) about_______________.

14) They wanted to sent the kite up_________________.



Marks: 02

1) Father agreed that it was all his fault that they had no relatives.

2) Father got exited when he was asked about the relatives.

3) People always felt pity when they returned.

4) Everyone on the Mainland had relatives.

5) In spring the harbour is frozen over.

6) Their kite had sailed up like a bird.

7) In summer it is always not lovely on the Big half  Moon.

8) They had a kite in massive size.

9) One day there was a great  wind for kite flying.

Marks: 02

1) How  were Aunt Esther turn pale?

2) What is considered the best part to narrator?

3) How did father react after he finished reading in Letter?

4) With whom had father had quarrelled?

5) Why did father leave home?

6) What they played with kite?

7) How did they mend their kite?

8) How the kite got a hole?

9) ” This used to puzzle” — What puzzled claude and the narrator?

10) Who is the keeper of the lighthouse?

11) Why did people pity them?



There is no suggestion.


Writing Skill

Madhyamik English Paragraph Witing Suggestion 

  • Your Favourite Teachers
  • A Flim You Have Recently Watch
  • COVID-19
  • Mobiles Advantages and Disadvantages
  • A memorable day in Your Life.
  • Habit of Reading Books.
  • Usefulness of Morning Walk / Early Rising
  • A Book You Have Recently Read

Madhyamik Letters writings Suggestion

1) Write a letter (within 100 words) to your friend describing a cultural programme you have recently attended. Your letter should include the following points.

2) Write a letter to the Inspector- in- Charge of your local police station complaining about the loss of your mobile phone. Give the details of the phone and the way in which it was lost.

3) Write a letter to your cousin who stays abroad describing a family get -together recently held in your house. You may use the following points.

4) Write a letter to the editor of an English newspaper creating awareness on sanitization of your locality in the course outbreak of Corona Virus in India, how it can prevent the spread of transmission of novel corona virus in larger communities.


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